Seth Kinzie Consultant, Design Lead

Seth unknowingly began his web design career while making a site for the humanitarian non-profit in Lahore, Peace Ambassadors Pakistan. He acts as volunteer international coordinator for their interfaith school in Pakistan, and enjoys all the international connections he’s made through work. 

He was connected to this organization through his work with the interfaith non-profit based in Los Angeles, Monks Without Borders.  A student of Shawn Kirchner, Seth has been playing piano for 15 years, was a composer for the impressionist Portland trio, Plum Sutra, and has been working on original works for the modern ballet. He also plays mandolin and melodica.

When not doing web design Seth enjoys hiking, frisbee, zazen, and playing telephone pictionary. He lives in the Wallowa Mountain hamlet of Joseph, Oregon, thanks to the help of his old Lewis & Clark College friend, Zeke, who helped him acclimate to the healthy life far from the drone and clamor of the city. He also loves Iceland


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