Sei Mee Tea

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Our most sophisticated e-commerce platform to-date, used for wholesale and retail distribution of Japanese sencha & matcha products, shipped from Wallowa County.

  • Points system for regular customers, enabling exchange of rewards system for future purchases
  • Encylopedia of tea knowledge included with detailed accordion & tabs database of Japanese varieties
  • Wholesale store, with quantity-specifc pricing, for two tiers of wholesale customers, each with their own distinct minimum orders
  • Automatic coupons enabled for subtotals in cart AND for specific quantity amounts of sales products
  • Popup, fillable forms available for clients to send in their own, personal matcha stories
  • Automatic USPS tracking codes sent to customers based on Woocommerce <—> integration
  • Integrated Sei Mee Tea blog & Mailchimp newsletter signup on the website
  • Interactive map showcasing the hundreds of retail locations where customers can buy matcha products in their home state